In Durban, Business meets Innovation: 8th Africa Agribusiness and Science Week (AASW8)

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Agribusiness in Africa is characterized by a variety of crops and livestock, including staple crops and cash crops, and is crucial to the economy of Africa, especially in rural areas. Agriculture includes a wide range of activities, from smallholder farming to large-scale commercial agriculture, as well as value-added processing of agricultural products for export and local consumption.

Agribusiness and science stakeholders will meet to discuss ways to improve the productivity and competitiveness of the continent in agro-industry during the 8th Africa Agribusiness and Science Week, which will take place in Durban, South Africa from June 5th to 8th, 2023.
In Durban, AASW8 will bring together business, science, and innovation…Business will meet Innovation.

Most of Africa’s population, especially in rural areas, is employed by agriculture, which is a vital sector of the economy. In Africa, agribusiness is characterized by a wide range of crops and livestock, ranging from staple crops to cash crops. Although agribusiness in Africa offers huge opportunities, many challenges face it. At the three-day 8th Africa Agribusiness and Science Week, some of these challenges will be addressed.

A key challenge for African agribusiness is low productivity, which is often caused by a lack of access to technology, inputs, and financing. Inadequate infrastructure, such as roads, storage facilities, and processing plants, has also been a problem for agribusiness in Africa. This has often led to high losses after harvest, especially for perishable crops.

The agribusiness industry in Africa offers significant economic growth and development despite these challenges. It has vast arable land and a large pool of labour, which can be leveraged to boost productivity and improve agricultural product competitiveness in the international and domestic markets.

In general, agribusiness is one of the most important sectors in Africa that has the potential to drive economic growth. Agricultural resources can be realized to their full potential by addressing the challenges facing the sector and promoting innovation and technology, resulting in food security and economic prosperity for Africans.

Through innovation and technology, African agribusinesses can increase their efficiency, productivity, and profitability, contributing to the continent’s economic growth and development.

This year’s African Agribusiness and Science Week (AASW8) workshops, an agritech expo, an investment forum, match-making sessions, and AfCFTA CAAPs.

The event is co-organized by FARA and the CAADP XP4 partners, including CCARDESA, ASARECA, CORAF, AFAAS, as well as a host of other partners including AUC, AUDA, GFAR, YPARD, PAFO, One CGIAR, FAO, AFDB, UNIDO, AFBC, Sappi, AGRA, AWARD, ICRISAT, DESIRA LIFT, PANAP, RUFORUM, and Standard Bank. The event will be supported by EC, IFAD, AfDB, and AfreximBank among others.

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