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Tier-1 Sponsorship Packages
Tier Sponsorship Category value ROI deliverables to the sponsor in terms of brand positioning in all venues of brand signage material particularly priority high visibility areas, digital logo presence on the AASW website and direct digital communications via Facebook, twitter and Instagram with the FARA, AASW, GFAR, YPARD and Women’s farming associations data bases
1 Title Sponsor $ 50000 • The headline sponsor can secure a discount by taking ownership of several key platforms as grouped and shaded in green in the left column as a tier 1 sponsor.
• If they took the options separately, they would pay $110000 but by grouping these categories into tier 1 option we can discount this to $80000. A tier 1 headline sponsor secures the following rights
•  brand logo on the event web site, all brochures and media releases (including print, radio, TV) releases placed next to AASW event name & rights holder name(FARA) as well as brand positioning next to GFAR and YPARD logos.
•  Prime placement of brand signage at 30% overage on all stages, entrances to all venues ( workshops & Plenary) the registration area, the networking area and expo area.
• Access for announcements & Communication to AASW, FARA, GFAR and YPARD  data base on
Facebook, twitter and Instagram
1 Opening session launching AASW $10000 •  As Above as part of title sponsor  package
1 Headline speaker sponsor $15000 • Above as part of the title sponsor package
1 1 Keynote speaker sponsors for the AfCFTA AfCFTA plenary panel discussions and breakaway workshops $ 10000 $ 25000 • As above but also the following additional value due to the high profile nature of the panel that will discuss AfCFTA key issues and deliverables. • Prime placement according to a Cad brand plan of brand signage at 30% overage on all stages, entrances to all venues( workshops & Plenary) • An opportunity to make a 3  minute video scroll message for the big screen to play prior to AfCFTA plenary and associated workshops. • Choice of MC program director to welcome VIP guests. • Provision of a VIP holding room with full branding for hosting VIPs prior to the plenary and workshop discussion groups .

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